Real estate will always be the best investment

Betting on investing in real estate has its reward. Apart from any crisis, there will always be people who marry, divorce or die and properties change hands constantly.

Buying in pre-sale will always be a good option to invest because in the medium term the money will have produced more than being in the bank. But as long as you assure yourself that there is legality in the transaction.

When renting a property you have the assurance that your money is invested in partitions, that can withstand inflation, and that also leaves more than the bank funds, and you have no risk. When you want to invest in funds and take a risk, it can be so strong that you have to invest money to recover your capital. Real estate, on the other hand, hardly ever loses.

It is true that a good root does not give the liquidity that could give you a financial instrument, but if you rent the property it retains its value, it gains goodwill and produces for the liquidity you need.

With real estate, will I get rich?

When investing in real estate, one acquires a real estate to wait for its value to increase and then sell it, to rent it immediately, to repair or remodel it and then sell it or rent it, or to build it (if it has acquired land) and then sell it or Rent it.
Investing in real estate will not make you rich overnight, but it is essential to help vary your portfolio and reduce a risk of your investments by not putting all the eggs in the same basket. This is the first reason why a good asset should be part of your investment portfolio.

On the other hand, you must take into account that investing in houses, apartments, land or commercial premises is a medium to long-term strategy, so you should expect investment between five and ten years.

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How much can you achieve by investing in real estate?

According to the area, city and its respective growth, a good real estate investment can give you a return of about 30% in two or three years, but this performance is a very successful real estate business.

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It is not the same to buy real estate in Mexico City as in Los Cabos. The former show’s growth, the other has been stable for several years. One offers you better surplus value than the other.

If you’re looking for short-term performance security, focus on cities that are receiving significant investments, whether they trigger the demand for work, such as plant construction, or infrastructure investments that improve communication.

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Today, in the global context of volatilities, investing in real estate translates into security for your money but do not think that any real estate in any city in the country is going to become a flashy investment. To achieve an attractive performance, you must make your real estate investment something smart.