How to Use Your Essential Oils – doTerra Diffusers

How to Use Your Essential Oils – doTerra Diffusers and Other Alternatives

So you’ve heard about all the advantages that come with using doTerra essential oils, and now you’re eager to enjoy them. Excellent! But where do you start?

Well, you can only get the benefits after the oils have been absorbed in your body. So the best place to start is finding a means of getting those magic molecules in your body.

doTerra Essential Oil StarterThere are three main ways of doing that.

1. The first is through massages and rubs. In that case, add a few drops of your essential oil to a carrier oil and use the mixture as a massage oil or to simply rub on a particular area for treatment (as is the case when treating a bruise). If you have the budget for it you might as well get a spa treatment that includes a professional essential oil massage.

2. Secondly, you can add your doTerra oils to your bath water. This is a very simple but pleasurable method of using essential oils.

3. The final method is aromatherapy. Here you have two options; either inhale the oil directly or diffuse it into the air using a diffuser and then inhale the molecules.

Of all the options, using a diffuser is the best.

Back to diffusers; why are they the best?
For starters your work is very simple. All you have to do is add a few drops of your oil into the diffuser and it will disperse them in a room. If you use a good diffuser like the doTerra brand, the mist created will be just enough to provide the right amount of aromatherapy.

In addition to that, a diffuser will ensure that many people get to inhale the essential oil molecules at the same time. If it’s a bath or massage then the number of people who can benefit reduces to just one or two at a time. But in the case of a diffuser, everybody who is in the room (or home) gets to enjoy some aromatherapy.

Why doTerra Diffusers?
There are many reasons why we recommend that you stick to a doTerra diffuser. Here are some highlights:
Top quality: doTerra is a reputable company that produces arguably the best essential oils. The same goes for their diffusers, they are made with quality and user satisfaction in mind.

For instance, the doTerra Aroma Lite is the longest running diffuser in the market today. Its cousin, the Aroma Ace covers an area of 1,500 ft. sq. That is much more than you will get from other brands.

More than just diffusers: although their primary function is dispersing essential oils, doTerra diffusers usually do much more than that. They also double up as humidifiers (and some will even purify the air in your home).

As a humidifier, your doTerra diffuser will moisten the air, making it conducive for people, pets and houseplants. Beyond that, it will also help you sleep better, keep flus and colds away, preserve wooden furniture, reduce static shocks and help save on utility bills.

Amazing design: every doTerra diffuser is designed to spruce up a room in which it is placed. They all feature an amazing construction that can really increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or office.
The doTerra Lotus, for instance, is a small and compact diffuser whose biggest selling point is its eye-catchy design.
Variety: finally, doTerra produces a variety of diffusers for you to choose your favorite from.
• If you want a small and highly portable diffuser you could go for the Aroma Lite.
• If you prefer one that excels in atomizing essential oils (for easy absorption) then you may want to consider the Lotus diffuser.
• The Petal diffuser is famous for unmatched performance in diffusion of essential oils.
• In terms of usability, the Aroma Ace is the easiest diffuser to use. So basically doTerra has something for everyone.